The African continent has always been referred to as “The Sleeping Giant.” Such a terminology usually points at the great potential Africa has. It is well endowed with resources of all kinds. This applies to natural as well as human resources. In the recent past, African economies have been flourishing with the following countries making up the list of the top 10 largest economies in Africa.

10. Tanzania
GDP – $49 billion
Per Capita – $720
Tanzania completes the list of the top ten economies in the African continent with a GDP of $49 billion. As of 2014, Tanzania’s gross domestic product (GDP) was an estimated $43.8 billion, or $86.4 billion on a purchasing power parity (PPP) basis. Tanzania is a middle-power country, with a per capita GDP of $1,813 (PPP) which was 32% below the average of $2,673 for the 45 sub-Saharan African countries[87] and ranked 23rd among those countries.

From 2009 through 2013, Tanzania’s per capita GDP (based on constant local currency) grew at an average of 3.5% per year. Tanzania’s population of 47.4 million (2014) is highly diverse, composed of numerous ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups.

9. Ethiopia
GDP – $55 billion
Per Capita – $859
About three decades ago, the whole world came in aid of Ethiopia. The country was going through a dreadful famine. Three decades down the lane, Ethiopia is emerging as one of the top economies in the region. With a GDP of $55 billion dollars, Ethiopia holds the 9th slot. Its economy mainly depends on agriculture. It is the second largest producer of maize in the continent. Coffee and horticulture (flowers) have been doing quite well recently.

8. Sudan
GDP – $64 billion
Per Capita – $2,417
Until the mid 2008, Sudan was infamous for civil wars. This greatly devastated the country. However, after 2008 the country’s economy sprang back to action. As of 2014, the Eastern Africa country had a GDP of $64 billion. Its main economic activities are agriculture, gold and petroleum mining. It is the 3rd largest producer of sesame in the world. Other products include cotton, coffee, cotton seed, wheat, sugarcane, tobacco, peanuts and more.

7. Libya
GDP – $ 67 billion
Per Capita – $11,354
Libya has an estimated GDP of $ 67 billion dollars. The main economy of the country is petroleum mining. It has among the largest oil reserves in the entire world. Better world prices have certainly favoured the desert country in the recent past. Libya also has some substantial deposits of steel ore.

Interestingly, despite Morroco’s position here, it is the country that has the highest per capita income in this list. This could be attributed to her small population side
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6. Morocco
GDP – $107 billion
Per Capita – $5,765
The Kingdom of Morocco has for many decades featured among the top economies in the continent. This has largely been attributed to good policies and stable political structures. Its annual GDP in 2014 is valued at $ 105 billion dollars. The main economic activities include fishing, agriculture, and mining. Morocco is among the top producers of cannabis. It also has a good reserve of lead, phosphates, and silver.

5. Angola
GDP – $131 billion
Per Capita – $2,829
A few years back, Angola was always in the news for civil wars and political unrest. However, it seems like the 25 year war has finally ceded to peace. The once war-torn country overtook the Kingdom of Morocco to become the fifth largest economy in Africa. Its GDP is valued at $ 131billion dollars. Its main economic activities are mining of diamonds and petroleum oil % gas.

4. Algeria
GDP – $214 billion
Per Capita – $7, 095
Algeria has always been a regional rival to Egypt. The GDP of the North African country is estimated to be $ 214billion. The main economic activities driving the country comprise of agriculture, fishing and mining. The country is well gifted with quite a number of valuable minerals.

They include iron, copper, zinc, mercury, lignite, calamine, antimony and phosphate. Algeria was able to make the 3rd position, based on her Per Capita income which is $7, 095; a step upward from her GDP position.

3. Egypt
GDP – $292 billion
Per Capita – $4,282
Egypt famously known as “the jewel of the Nile” was convincingly placed at the third position. Its average GDP annually is estimated at $ 292 billion dollars. For many skeptics, this came as a major surprise taking into account the political unrest in recent years. In fact, many expected the economy to take a dip. Egypt relies heavily on its mineral resources such as copper, natural gas, aluminium, steel and iron ore.

It also has a thriving horticultural, and tourism industry. Her Per Capita which is $4,282 is not too bad, occupying the 5th position; just two steps down.
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2. South Africa
GDP – $353
Per Capita – $11,035
South Africa which has always been revered as the top economy in Africa was finally beaten to second place by Nigeria. The southern Africa state had its GDP valued at approximately $ 350 billion dollars. In the recent past, the South Africa’s economy has been struggling. This has especially been witnessed in the mining industries where reserves for precious minerals such as gold, platinum, palladium, and diamond have been dwindling.

Commendably, South Africa retained its #2 position in terms of per capita. With a per capita of $11,035. South Africa is still in essence, the richest African country.

1. Nigeria
GDP – $569 billion
Per Capita – $2,700
Nigeria has always been referred to as the giant of Africa, both in terms of economy and population. Since 2014, Nigeria has been topping the list of richest African countries in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The country had overtaken South Africa which had for many decades had an iron grip at the helm. The GDP of Nigeria is currently valued at $521 billion. This is majorly attributed to its vast reserves of oil and gas.

Unfortunately, the exploding population of Nigeria has rendered the citizens and inhabitants at large poor in the midst of plenty. Even with all the wealth and first position on the list of biggest economies, Nigeria slips down to #7 with a GDP Per Capita as poor as $2,700.


Donald Trump: “There Is No Shortcut To Maturity, Africa Should Be Recolonized”

American business mogul Donald Trump has said that Africa needs to be recolonized. This time around he has directed his anger to African leaders who according to Trump, have failed to exercise leadership and are keeping their people in worse conditions.

Speaking yesterday in Nebraska, Trump said that Africans are slaves living like slaves in their own land yet they claim they are independent.

Trump was responding to a question by a South African journalist on whether he thinks African leaders were right to seek mass withdrawal from the Hague based International Criminal Court.

“It is shameful for African leaders to seek exit from ICC. In my view, these leaders want to have all the freedom to oppress their poor people without anyone asking them a question. I think there is no shortcut to maturity and in my view, Africa should be recolonized because Africans are still under slavery. Look at how those African leaders change constitutions in their favour so that they can be live presidents.

They are all greedy and do not care about the common people” Said Trump
“When I saw them gang up against ICC yet they can’t even find an amicable solution for the ongoing quandary in Burundi, I thought to myself these people lack discipline and humane heart. They can’t lead by example. The only thing they are interested in is accumulating wealth from poor tax payers. Before they think of exiting from ICC, they should first restore peace in Burundi and other war-tone countries rather than gathering like hyenas with the aim of finishing the poor people” Added Trump.


Mufti wa Tanzania, Sheikh Abubakary Zubeir, ameitaka Serikali iweke mikakati thabiti ya kuzipa uwezo hospitali za ndani ili kupunguza gharama kwa Watanzania wengi kwenda kutafuta matibabu nje ya nchi.

Mufti aliyasema hayo jana muda mfupi baada ya kuruhusiwa kutoka katika Hospitali ya Taifa Muhimbili, Taasisi ya Moyo ya Jakaya Kikwete alikokuwa amelazwa kwa takribani wiki moja akipatiwa matibabu.

Alisema kuna haja ya hospitali kubwa kama Muhimbili kuangaliwa kwa jicho la tatu ili iweze kutoa huduma za kimataifa, hilo litawezekana endapo kutakuwa na vitendea kazi vya kutosha na madaktari kufanya kazi katika mazingira mazuri.

Mufti alisema kwa kufanya hivyo Watanzania watarudisha imani kwa hospitali za nyumbani na madaktari wake, tofauti na hali ilivyokuwa miaka ya karibuni ambapo wengi walikuwa wakikimbilia nje ya nchi kwa ajili ya kutafuta matibabu.

“Binafsi nilikuwa siamini kama naweza kutibiwa hapa nchini, tayari nilishakata tiketi kwa ajili ya kwenda nje ya nchi lakini nashukuru Mungu siku moja kabla ya safari nilihakikishiwa kwamba naweza kupata matibabu hapa.

“Niwasihi Watanzania wenzangu kuamini kwamba Tanzania nayo tuna madaktari bingwa wengi ambao wanafanya kazi nzuri, muhimu kwa Serikali ni kuwaboreshea mazingira ya kufanya kazi,”alisema Sheikh Zubeir
Kwa upande wake Waziri wa Afya,Ustawi wa Jamii, Jinsia na Watoto, Ummy Mwalimu alisema ni matarajio ya Serikali kuona viongozi wote wanatibiwa hospitali za nyumbani, jambo litakalowashawishi Watanzania wengine kuamini huduma zinazotolewa.

Alisema kwa viongozi wakubwa kama Mufti kutibiwa nchini kumewasukuma kuongeza vifaa na huduma bora zaidi, ili kuifanya Muhimbili kuwa miongoni mwa taasisi zinazoheshimika.

“Kama Mufti ametibiwa hapa nyumbani kuna sababu gani ya kupeleka watu nje, kwa sasa tumepata hamasa ya kuongeza vitendea kazi na huduma, ili Muhimbili iendelee kuheshimika na ivuke mipaka itoe huduma ndani na nje ya nchi,” alisema Mwalimu
Akitoa salamu za Bakwata Katibu Mkuu wa Baraza hilo, Suleiman Said Lolila alimshukuru Rais John Magufuli kwa kufanikisha matibabu ya Mufti.

“Madaktari wamefanya kazi kubwa tuna kila sababu ya kushukuru kwa hilo na Watanzania wote kwa ujumla kwa dua zao hatimaye leo Mufti ameruhusiwa kurudi nyumbani,” alisema Lolila

 Waziri wa Afya na Maendeleo ya Jamii, Jinsia, Wazee na Watoto, Mhe. Ummy Mwalimu akimualika Mufti Mkuu Sheikh Abubakar Zuberi bin Ally kuongea na wanahabari katika Taasisi ya Moyo ya Jakaya Kikwete (JKCI iliyopo Hospitali ya Taifa ya Muhimbili (MNH) baada ya madaktari kumruhusu kurejea nyumbani baada ya afya yake kuimarika.


Naibu Waziri wa Afya, Maendeleo, Jinsia, Watoto na Wazee, Dk Khamis Kigwangalla amewapa siku 60 viongozi wa Hospitali ya Rufaa Mkoa wa Mbeya (MRH) wawe kununua mashine ya CT-scan. 

Dk Kigwangalla alitoa agizo hilo juzi jioni, baada ya kuwasili jijini Mbeya ghafla na kwenda moja kwa moja kwenye hospitali hiyo na kupokea taarifa iliyoeleza pia kwamba ni ya kanda, lakini haijawahi kupata mashine za CT scan. 

Kukosekana kwa CT-scan kumesababisha wagonjwa kwenda Dar es Salaam au watumie mashine ya mtu binafsi iliyofungwa jijini hapa miaka miwili iliyopita. 

“Haingii akilini mtu binafsi hapahapa Mbeya anamiliki CT-scan, lakini hospitali kubwa kama hii imekosa,”alisema. 

Dk Kigwangalla alishangazwa zaidi aliposikia kuwa mapato ya hospitali hiyo ni zaidi ya Sh500 milioni kwa mwezi. 

“Sasa nawapa siku 60 nataka kuona mashine hiyo imefungwa, vinginevyo mtakuwa mmeshindwa kazi, nitakula sahani moja na nyie viongozi,” alisema. 

Aliwataka watumishi wa hospitali hiyo kuwa na mawazo chanya kwa maendeleo na kutoa mfano wa CT-scan nzuri na ya kisasa kama ile iliyonunuliwa Hospitali ya Taifa Muhimbili (MHN) inauzwa Sh3 bilioni jambo ambalo wanaweza kulitekeleza badala ya kusubiri Serikali iwapelekee. 

Awali, Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Maabara cha hospitali hiyo, Abednago Mwakila alisema mbali ya kukosa mashine hiyo kwa miaka yote, nyingine zilizopelekwa hapo hazifanyi kazi baada ya kuharibika na hawajui mafundi wanapatikana wapi. 

Alitoa mfano wa mashine ya kuangalia mgando wa damu aliyodai ni kifaa muhimu, lakini haifanyi kazi kwa zaidi ya miaka minne kutokana na kukosekana kwa fundi. 

Baada ya kuelezwa hivyo, Dk Kigwangala aliuagiza uongozi wa hospitali hiyo kuorodhesha mashine ambazo hazifanyi kazi na kumpelekea ofisini aweze kufanya utafiti na kubaini watu walioingia mkataba na Serikali wapeleke mashine hizo. 

Kaimu Mkurugenzi wa hospitali hiyo, Dk Idsory Thomas alisema agizo lililotolewa na Dk Kigwangalla litatelekezwa kwa wakati.



Rais John Magufuli jana alitumia dakika 55 kuzungumza na wazee wa Dar es Salaam, akigusa kila sekta wakati akizungumzia mambo aliyoyafanya katika siku 100 na anayotarajia kufanya.

Katika hotuba hiyo ambayo aliendelea kuzungumzia jinsi nchi inavyotafunwa, kiongozi huyo wa Serikali ya Awamu ya Tano aliweka msimamo wake kuhusu mgogoro wa kisiasa Zanzibar, akisema hataingilia.

Pia alidokeza kuhusu uteuzi wa wakuu wa mikoa na wilaya, akimhakikishia Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Kinondoni, Paul Makonda kuendelea au kupandishwa cheo.

Mambo mengine aliyozungumzia ni mafanikio na changamoto ya elimu bure, ujenzi wa barabara na madaraja, utendaji wa mawaziri, miradi ya umeme, huduma kwenye Hospitali ya Muhimbili, vyombo vya habari, na kuwataka wananchi wajitathmini wamefanya nini katika siku 100 za kwanza za utawala wake.

Dk Magufuli aliyekuwa ameambatana na Makamu wa Rais, Samia Suluhu, Waziri Mkuu Kassim Majaliwa, Naibu Spika Dk Tulia Ackson, alikuwa akizungumza na baraza la wazee wa Dar es Salaam kwenye ukumbi wa Diamond Jubilee, ikiwa ni siku yake ya 102 tangu alipoapishwa Novemba 5, 2015 kuwa Rais.

Mkutano huo ulihudhuriwa na watu zaidi 3,000, wakiwamo mawaziri, viongozi wa CCM na viongozi wa dini, walioongozwa na Sheikh wa Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam, Alhaj Mussa Salum na Askofu wa Kanisa la Ufufuo na Uzima, Josephat Gwajima.

Rais Magufuli aliyeingia katika ukumbi huo saa 8:30 mchana, alianza kuzungumza saa 9:36 alasiri na kumaliza saa 10:32 jioni, akisisitiza wananchi wamuombee aweze kutekeleza majukumu yake, ikiwa ni pamoja na kutumbua majipu.

 Uchaguzi  Zanzibar
Rais ambaye amekuwa kimya kwa muda mrefu kuhusu mgogoro wa kisiasa Zanzibar, hatimaye jana aliweka bayana msimamo wake akisema hataingilia kwa kuwa anaheshimu utawala wa sheria.

“Tume ya Uchaguzi ya Zanzibar (ZEC) ni huru kwa mujibu wa Kat iba ya Zanzibar kifungu kati ya 112 au 115. Lakini kama ilivyo kawaida Tume huru ya uchaguzi duniani haiwezi kuingiliwa na rais yoyote. Ni kama ilivyo ZEC na (Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi) NEC ndivyo ilivyo,” alisema Rais.

Alisema uamuzi wa ZEC kufuta uchaguzi Zanzibar na kisha kutangaza tarehe ya marudio, hauwezi kuingiliwa na mtu yeyote, akisisitiza kuwa wanaotaka tafsiri ya kisheria juu ya uamuzi wa ZEC, waende mahakamani.

“Mahakama ipo hutaki kwenda halafu unasema Magufuli ingilia! Nenda mahakamani ukapewe tafsiri ya haki. Siingilii na nitaendelea kukaa kimya. Jukumu langu ni kuhakikisha usalama wa Zanzibar, Pemba na Tanzania unaimarika,” alisema.

“Ukifanya “fyokofyoko” katika eneo lolote nchini, utashughulikiwa na vyombo vya ulinzi na usalama.”

Mgogoro wa kisiasa Zanzibar uliibuka baada ya ZEC kufuta matokeo ya uchaguzi wa rais, wawakilishi na madiwani kwa maelezo kuwa sheria na kanuni zilikiukwa na baadaye kutangaza Machi 20 kuwa siku ya kupiga kura upya.

Wakati mwenyekiti wa ZEC, Jecha Salim Jecha akitangaza kufuta matokeo siku ambayo alitakiwa amtangaze mshindi wa kiti cha urais, tayari matokeo ya majimbo 31 yalikuwa yameshatangazwa huku majimbo tisa yakiwa yameshahakikiwa. Pia washindi wa viti vya uwakilishi na udiwani walishatangazwa na kupewe hati za ushindi.

Chama kikuu cha upinzani Zanzibar, kimepinga ZEC kufuta matokeo kikisema ni kukiuka katiba kwa kuwa ushindi unapingwa mahakamani tu na kimejitoa kwenye uchaguzi wa marudio huku kikimtaka Rais Magufuli aingilie katika kutatua mgogoro huo mezani.

“Sitaingia suala la Zanzibar,” alisema Magufuli.

Akizungumzia mabadiliko ambayo Serikali yake inayafanya, Rais alisema yana changamoto zake ambazo zinaweza kuwagusa baadhi ya watu, lakini akasema watakaoguswa ni wachache kwa faida ya wengi.

“Tanzania haitakiwi kuwa na wanafunzi wanaokaa chini, watu kukosa maji, Muhimbili watu kulala watano kitandani. Tanzania hii ina neema ila lazima tutambue wapo watu wachache waliotufikisha hapa,” alisema.

Alisema mabilioni ya fedha za Watanzania yanatumika hovyo.

“Ifike mahali Watanzania tujiulize tumemkosea nini Mungu? kwa nini asitusamehe kwa makosa tuliyoyafanya. Serikali imejitoa sadaka kwa ajili ya Watanzania,” alisema.

“Ndani ya Serikali tumejipanga, anayetaka kutukwamisha tutambomoa kwa faida ya Watanzania, hasa wanyonge. Haiwezekani kila mahali unapokwenda ukute wananchi wanalia wakati nchi ina rasilimali za kila aina.”

Katika hotuba yake ambayo mara kwa mara alikuwa ikikatishwa na shangwe za wananchi, Dk Magufuli alianza kuzungumzia ufisadi, akisema katika siku 100 ambazo amekaa madarakani, wamejifunza mengi na kukumbana na changamoto lukuki.

“Wapo watu katika nchi hii kwao fedha sio tatizo, fedha hizo hawajazipata kwa uhalali wamezipata kutoka kwa masikini wanaohangaika . Kila tulipokuwa tunagusa kuna maajabu,” alisema

Alisema alimtuma Majaliwa kwenda bandarini na Katibu Mkuu wa Tamisemi kwenda wilayani Bariadi na wakakumbana na madudu.

“Akiwa Bariadi alikuta barabara ya kilomita moja imejengwa kwa Sh2 bilioni tena ni barabara ya halmashauri ya wilaya. Mimi nimekaa Serikalini sijawahi kujenga barabara kuu ya kilomita moja kwa Sh2 bilioni, ila hii ya halmashauri imejengwa kwa kiasi hicho?” alihoji.

“Barabara ya kilomita nne na nusu ya Halmashauri ya Bariadi imejengwa kwa Sh9.2 bilioni, wakati mkuu wa mkoa, wilaya, mkurugenzi na mhandisi yupo.

 “Ninapozungumza kutumbua majibu, Watanzania mtuunge mkono tuyatumbue kwelikweli.”

Alisema kiwango hicho cha fedha kingeweza kutengeneza kilomita 22 hadi 23 za lami.

Wizi bandarini
Akizungumzia wizi wa mafuta bandarini alieleza kushangazwa na kitendo cha mita za mafuta kutofanya kazi kwa miaka mitano.

“Waziri Mkuu alikwenda bandarini na kukuta flow meter ya kupimia mafuta yanayoingia nchini haifanyi kazi kwa miaka mitano,” alisema.

“Mafuta yanaingia nchini yanagawiwa kwa watu na ndiyo maana mnaona kutoka Dar es Salaam kwenda Kibaha kila mahali kuna sheli (vituo vya mafuta).”

Kutokana na wizi huo wa mafuta, juzi Majaliwa alimsimamisha kazi mtendaji mkuu wa Wakala wa Vipimo (WMA) na meneja wake wa kitengo cha bandari kupisha uchunguzi.

Alisema fedha ambazo zingepatikana kama mafuta hayo yangepimwa na kulipiwa kodi zingeweza kutumika kununua dawa hospitali, kusomesha wanafunzi bure na kujenga barabara.

“ Hiyo ndiyo Tanzania tuliyoikuta sisi. Mifano ni mingi ya kila aina,”alisema.

Madudu muhimbili
Alisema alitembelea Muhimbili na kusimamishwa na akinamama waliomtaka aende wodi ya wanawake, lakini wasaidizi wake wakamzuia.

“Walinizuia ila nilikataa. Niliwambia naenda hukohuko na niliyoyakuta ni maajabu,” alisema.

Alisema katika wodi namba 36, alikuta maji kutoka chooni yanavuja huku akina mama wakiwa wamelala chini, watano kwenye godoro moja.

“Ukiwa unaenda Muhimbili jirani kuna jengo la ghorofa tatu, linatumika kama ofisi ya uzazi na watoto. kuna wafanyakazi 70. Ukisogea mbele zaidi kuna jengo lilianza kujengwa tangu utawala wa Serikali ya Awamu ya Pili mpaka leo halijaisha,” alisema.

“(Rais wa Serikali ya Awamu ya Pili, Ali Hassan) Mwinyi hakulimaliza, akaja (wa Awamu ya Tatu, Benjamin) Mkapa hakulimaliza, akaja (wa Awamu ya Nne, Jakaya) Kikwete hakulimaliza na sasa nipo mimi bado halijaisha.”

Alisema inashangaza kuona viongozi wa hospitali hiyo wakishindwa kumfukuza mkandarasi anayejenga jengo hilo ambaye ni Masasi Construction Engineering .

Alisema alipokuwa Waziri wa Ujenzi alifukuza makandarasi 3,000, lakini akashangazwa kuona jengo la ghorofa nne likijengwa zaidi ya miaka 20.

“Nadhani jengo hili limeweka rekodi duniani,” alisema.

Alisema jengo hilo likimalizika linaweza kuchukua watu 342, lakini hivi sasa lina watu 100, waliopo eneo la chini la ghorofa hilo, halina umeme wala maji.

Alisema Muhimbili kuna jengo la Taasisi ya Tiba ya Mifupa ya Muhimbili (Moi), kuna jengo la ghorofa sita lililoanza kujengwa miaka minne iliyopita, lakini mpaka leo halijamalizika kutokana na mvutano kati ya Moi na mkandarasi anayetaka kulipwa Sh9 bilioni.

“Wamechukua wagonjwa wachache na kuwaweka ghorofa ya kwanza hadi ya tatu. Lina jenereta ila haijafungwa. Hiyo ndiyo Tanzania,” alisema.

Alisema ameshatoa maagizo kwamba ndani ya siku mbili wafanyakazi hao 70 waondolewe kwenye jengo hilo linalotumika kama ofisi na badala yake viwekwe vitanda vya wagonjwa.

“Sasa Waziri wa Afya na Katibu Mkuu watajua watawatafutia wapi pa kuwapeleka. Wanaweza kuwapeleka pale wizara ya Afya wakakae nao huko. Ndani ya siku mbili hizohizo ofisi hiyo ijae vitanda na akina mama waliokuwa wanalala chini wahamishiwe kwenye jengo hilo,” alisema.

Alisema ili Tanzania isiwe ombaomba lazima viongozi wajifunze kutokukubali kulea makosa.

“Kama ni majipu tutayatumbua kwelikweli. Likienda kichwani tutalitumbua, likienda kifuani tutalitumbua, likienda mgongoni tutalitumbua ili mradi majipu yaishe na Tanzania iende mbele,” alisema.

Tanzania bila mapato haiwezekani
 Alisema Tanzania haiwezi kuendelea bila kuwa na mapato yake.

“Wafanyabiashara wamekuwa wakikwepa kulipa kodi. Mara ya kwanza tulipoanza kuchukua hatua tulipata zaidi ya Sh1 trilioni, mwezi uliofuata tulipata Sh1.592 trilioni na Januari tulikusanya Sh1.063 trilioni,” alisema.

Alisema Serikali ya Awamu ya Tano inataka kuona fedha hizo zikiwahudumia wananchi masikini.

“Zipo kejeli nyingi, wanasema ni nguvu ya soda. Hata kama ni soda ukiweka gongo utalewa. Hii ni soda ‘special’ ambayo tumedhamiria kufanya kazi kwa ajili ya Watanzania. Haiwezekani nchi tajiri kama Tanzania tuwe ombaomba, inatakiwa iwe inaombwa misaada,” alisema.

Aliwataka Watanzania kujenga utamaduni wa kulipa kodi na kudai risiti kwa kila manunuzi wanayoyafanya.

Kukwama kwa mradi wa umeme
Kuhusu mradi wa umeme wa gesi wa Kinyerezi 2 uliokwama tangu mwaka 2012, alisema wafadhili kutoka Japan walitoa dola 292 za Marekani na Serikali ya Tanzania ilitakiwa kuchangia asilimia 15 ya fedha hizo.

Alisema mradi huo utaingiza zaidi ya megawati 240 za umeme.

“Fedha hizo tumezitoa na kampuni kutoka Japan imeshaanza kazi na mwezi ujao tunakwenda kuweka jiwe la msingi. Mradi wa ujenzi wa barabara ya juu Dar es Salaam mkandarasi ameshaanza kazi na fedha za awali ameshalipwa,” alisema.

Alisema upembuzi yakinifu wa mradi wa barabara ya njia sita kutoka Dar es Salaam kwenda Chalinze, umeshamalizika na kuna kandarasi zaidi ya 12 wameshaomba zabuni.

“Katika kipindi hikihiki cha awamu ya tano itajengwa ili tuwe na barabara ya njia sita kupunguza msongamano wa magari,” alisema.

Rais pia alidokeza kuhusu mradi wa ujenzi wa daraja la urefu wa kilomita saba litakalopita baharini kutoka ufukwe wa Coco hadi Hospitali ya Aga Khan, akisema Serikali imeshapata zaidi ya Sh260 bilioni.

“Kuhusu barabara ya Mbagala rangi tatu kuja mjini (Posta), nilikuwa nazungumza na ubalozi wa Japan wapo katika utaratibu wa kutangaza tenda,” alisema.

Pia alizungumzia ujenzi wa barabara za juu zitakayojengwa kwenye makutano ya Ubungo.

Alisema makutano hayo yatakuwa na ghorofa tatu ambazo zitakuwa na barabara zinazokutana eneo hilo ili kuondoa tatizo la foleni.

“Benki ya Dunia imekubali kutoka Sh67 bilioni kujenga interchange (mzunguko wa juu wa barabara) ya ghorofa tatu pale Ubungo, nina uhakika watani zangu wazaramu watakwenda pale kufunga ndoa,” alisema.

Kuifufua ATCL
 Alisema Serikali ina mpango wa kufufua Shirika la Ndege (ATCL), ambalo hivi sasa lina ndege moja lakini limeajiri wafanyakazi 200.

Alisema kwa sasa wanakusanya fedha za kutosha ili kuweza kununua ndege aina ya Airbus yenye uwezo wa kuchukua kuanzia abiria 120 na kuendelea, akisema bei yake ni takriban Sh140 bilioni.

“Mkijipanga mnaweza kuwa mnanunua ndege moja kila mwezi,”alisema.

Elimu bure
Akizungumzia changamoto ya elimu bure alisema wanafunzi walioanza darasa la kwanza nchini mwaka huu ni 1,337,000, jambo ambalo alisema linaonyesha kuwa wananchi walikuwa wakishindwa kuwapeleka watoto wao shule kwa sababu ya kukithiri kwa michango.

Alisema changamoto zilizojitokeza baada ya Serikali kuanza kutoa elimu bure watazimaliza, ikiwa ni pamoja na kutenga fedha nyingi zaidi kwa ajili ya kuzipeleka katika shule.

Aliwashukuru wananchi ambao wameanza kujitokeza kuchangia ujenzi wa madarasa na kumsifu Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Kinondoni kwa kuendesha harambee ya kuchangia ujenzi wa shule.

Awashukia wakuu wa mikoa na wilaya
 Dk Magufuli pia alizungumzia utendaji wa wakuu wa wilaya na mikoa na wakurugenzi wao, akiwataka kutathmini hali ilivyo kwenye shule na ofisi zao.

“Kama unajua kujipima vizuri, ujitambue kuwa hutoshi kuwa kiongozi. Sijateua wakuu wa mikoa, wakuu wilaya na wakurugenzi ili niendelee kuwachambua vizuri (waliopo) ni nani anatosha na nani hatoshi,” alisema..

“Kutosha kwao ni lazima wajipange watatatua vipi kero za wananchi. Lazima ifike mahali viongozi tujue jukumu letu. Unapopewa jukumu la uongozi wewe ni mwakilishi wa wanyonge.”

Huku akiwataka Watanzania wa kada zote nao kujipima walichoifanyia nchi ndani ya siku 100, alisema haingii akilini kiongozi kusimama na kusema chakula hakuna wakati mvua inanyesha kila mkoa nchini.

“Kiongozi umeshindwa hata kuhamasisha watu walime. Natoa wito kwa viongozi wenzangu. Katika mkoa, wilaya au tarafa itakayokuwa haina chakula kwa mwaka huu ambao mvua inanyesha, ajitambue hafai kuongoza katika nchi,” alisema.

Alisema aliahidi kuwalipa wazee waliolitumikia taifa lakini jambo hilo haliwezekani kama kutakuwa na vijana wanaoshinda mitaani bila kufanya kazi.

“Najua mkuu wa mkoa wa Dar es Salaam, wakuu wa mikoa wenzako watakuuliza nitateua lini wakuu wa mikoa na wilaya. Kwanza tarehe ya kuteua hawataijua na ninaendelea kuwachambua,” alisema Magufuli.

“Lakini angalau Makonda umeshajihakikishia walau utakuwepo ila na wewe usiende kulala, endelea kufanya juhudi. “Ukipanda cheo watu wasikuonee wivu.”

Alisema Makonda amejijengea heshima kubwa kwa kuhamasisha watu wa kada mbalimbali kumaliza changamoto za kuongezeka wa wanafunzi, uhaba wa madarasa na madawati.

Kuhusu changamoto za elimu bure, Rais alisema asilimia 80 ya viongozi wa Serikali ya Awamu ya Tano wanaishi Dar es Salaam, akiwamo yeye, waziri mkuu, mawaziri, makatibu wakuu na naibu spika.

“Wao wakitoa milioni moja moja zinafika milioni 82 na zitabaki milioni 18, lakini kuna Makamu wa Rais, Waziri Mkuu na mimi. Tuigawane hii na kila mmoja achangie Sh6 milioni itimie Sh100 milioni na tutaileta kwenye uongozi wa mkoa wa Dar es Salaam,” alisema.

Alisema kwa mamlaka aliyonayo ataongeza Sh2 bilioni na kumtaka mkuu wa mkoa wa Dar es Salaam kutozitumia vibaya, akitaka zigawanywe kwa kila wilaya ili zijengwe shule za kutosha kufidia wanafunzi wanaokaa chini.

Afagilia vyombo vya habari
Kiongozi huyo wa Serikali ya Awamu ya Tano pia alizungumzia vyombo vya habari ambavyo alisema vimefanya kazi kubwa na kuisaidia Serikali.

“Hata sisi huwa tunafuatilia. Mfano katika gazeti la Jamhuri waliweka michoro fulani mpaka sisi (Serikali), tukajiuliza wamejuaje tunachotaka kukifanya?” alisema.

==>Hii ni Hotuba Ya Rais Magufuli.Msikilize Akiongea

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