ESS Utumishi Login – Employee Self Service 2024

ESS Utumishi Login – Employee Self Service 2024
ESS Utumishi Login – Employee Self Service 2024

ESS Utumishi Login – Employee Self Service


ESS Utumishi stands for ‘Employee Self Service Utumishi’. It’s an online platform hosted by the President’s Office-Public Service Management and Good Governance of the United Republic of Tanzania. Designed for public servants, the platform enables employees to access vital information related to their employment. This includes personal information, salary details, service records among others.

ESS Utumishi Login Tanzania, ess utumishi go tz login register. Jinsi ya kutumia Mfumo wa ESS Utumishi. ESS Employee Self Service offers a wide range of services to employees, allowing them to access various information and perform essential tasks related to their employment, including managing the entire transfer workstation process, from one organization to another organization or transfer from one region to another region for different reasons.


1. Go direct to ESS Utumishi portal at https://ess.utumishi.go.tz/

2. Enter your username (check number) and password in the respective fields.

3. Click on the “Login” button.

4. If you forget your password, click on the “Reset Password?” link to reset it.

5. If you are not registered yet, click on the “Click here to register” link to register.

Click here to login ESS – Employee Self Service

Purpose of the ESS Utumishi system

The purpose behind the development of the ESS Utumishi system is multi-fold:

  • To provide a centralized platform for public servants to access job-related information.
  • The system also offers functionality for updating personal details and handling service-related processes in an efficient manner.
  • ESS Utumishi serves as a digital alternative to traditional paper-based methods, thereby promoting efficiency and reducing paperwork.

Users and benefits

  • Primarily, ESS Utumishi system users encompass public servants under the governance of the Tanzanian government.

The platform offers several benefits:

  • User-friendly interface enabling easy access to employment details.
  • Employees can view and update their personal information at their convenience.
  • Option for employees to access their salary data.
  • A reliable support team is readily available to assist with technical inquiries or concerns.

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