Progress and development returning to Jammu & Kashmir consequent upon removal of Article 370

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By a Correspondent.
Salma Muhammad, a Kashmir Valley resident credits her success in the administrative service to the steps taken by Indian Government in Jammu & Kashmir, the Northern part of India, subsequent to non-operationalisation of certain provisions of the temporary Article 370 of Indian Constitution on August 5, 2019 and the decision to carry out administrative reorganisation of the Jammu & Kashmir state. 
 It is because of the initiatives taken by the Indian Government to promote socio-economic justice and better governance procedures in Jammu & Kashmir which helped her and other students like her to realise their dreams. It is now that they have realised how Article 370 of Indian Constitution used to be a barrier to their overall development and those who reaped benefits out of it had definite vested interests for its continuation. 
 The Article 370 of the Constitution was always intended to be a temporary one. However, some of the restrictive provisions under this Article were found to be unfair to the population of Jammu & Kashmir. The State lagged behind the rest of the country in development and employment. Provisions relating to restrictions on investment, acquisition of property etc resulted in discouraging private investment. 
 Certain recent initiatives of the Indian Government relating to protection and promotion of rights of women and children were also not implemented by the State Authorities in Jammu & Kashmir citing their right to do so under Article 370. Article 370 also led to creation of a climate of separation by vested interests. Such separatist forces established linkages with terrorist groups, which received continued assistance from Pakistan, neighbouring country in the form of funds, weapons and shelter. They had also been regularly pushing terrorists trained in some neighbouring countries into the State of Jammu & Kashmir for the last many years. 
 The re-organisation of Jammu & Kashmir is also not a unique happening. Ever since India’s independence, reorganisation has taken place in 14 States and 6 Union Territories. The intent behind such reorganisation is to improve administrative efficiency. Now, people are welcoming the steps taken by Indian government to extend the financial and relief packages as these are now reaching the real beneficiaries on ground. 
They opine that revocation of Article 370 has opened opportunities in a big way and would drive Kashmir to progress/prosperity. It is because of these steps, Salma could achieve her ambition in a short period which eventually has brought prosperity to her family in particular & many more like her. Overall situation has changed in Jammu & Kashmir because of this important step taken by Indian Government which has helped the people of Jammu & Kashmir to enjoy same rights, privileges as their fellow citizens in the rest of the country. The discrimination and disparity set in by Article 370 has since been removed. Shops and Colleges/schools and other establishments have opened up. Commercial activities are picking up. There are indications of Business as usual from the Kashmir Valley. 
The internet access and mobile communications have gradually been restored in Jammu and Kashmir. Handloom and Tourism industry specially has the potential of offering employment to a large number of youth. The Gun culture had ruined these two sectors which has the potential to generate largest revenue in the Union Territory. The fact of the matter is that in the current scenario youth, like Salma, are happy to see the political leaders in detention. Instead of staging any protests for their release, youth are suggesting to prolong the detention of these leaders. 
They are alleging that the political parties were impeding the welfare and other such schemes run by the Indian Government. 
With the elimination of militants who were disrupting the normal life in every sphere, people are regaining faith in the Security Forces. For the fear of the Gun these people were not able to express themselves and support the righteous decisions/policies of the Indian Government. Now the common people have realised that the separatist leaders in Jammu & Kashmir who were nursed by the neighbouring country have in fact enriched themselves, while their own children found rewarding careers abroad. The separatist leaders promoted stone pelting and other forms of anti-national activities which ruined the lives of youth. 
 Apart from this, the youth like Salma, have also realised the larger design of the neighbouring country which actually ruined them economically/socially, jeopardized the careers of their children and blocked the prospects of self-reliance. With the abrogation of Article 370, new openings have dawned upon the region; people from deprived and backward class are overwhelmed to be equal partners in the development process. 
 On joining the Administrative Service, Salma is planning to persuade the people of Jammu & Kashmir to help in restarting the political process and motivate them to participate in the democratic process which was earlier restricted to certain traditional political forces existing in Kashmir. 
These parties have so far lost the trust of a significant part of the population, in particular youth. India wants normal neighbourly relations withal her neighbours and has consistently worked in that direction. 
 It is also a strong belief of India that a meaningful dialogue can only happen in an atmosphere of free of violence and, therefore, needs to take credible steps to end cross border terrorism. The existing bilateral agreements between the two countries clearly stipulate that all outstanding issues must be resolved through bilateral means and hence there is no room for any outside intervention or mediation. 
 Salma now seeks support of all Tanzanians to endorse the positive development oriented strategy of India. Also the bonding and trust between India and Tanzania should be cemented to the extent that all vested powers trying to create subversion, terrorism across the world should not succeed. 
Salma, therefore, invites Tanzanians to India for tasting the freedom and peace prevailing in the Kashmir valley which is again returning to its universal state – if there is heaven anywhere in the world, it is in Kashmir”.


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