MWANAMKE Akamatwa Akitaka Kumsafirisha Kijana Kwenda Ulaya Kwa Kumficha Kwenye Begi

A woman has been arrested after she was caught trying to smuggle a teenager over the border into Europe in a suitcase.

The Moroccan was stopped at the border with Spain on December 30, 2016, after the civil guard became suspicious about her package.

They found the 19-year-old from Gabon curled up inside the suitcase in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in northern Africa.

On Sunday, 1st January, more than 1,100 migrants tried to jump a high double fence between Morocco and Ceuta in violent assault that saw one officer lose an eye. A regional government spokesman said 50 Moroccan and five Spanish officers were injured when hundreds of migrants tried to enter Spanish territory.

The spokesman said two migrants managed to reach Spanish soil. Both were injured scaling the 20ft border fence and were taken to hospital by Spanish police. Another 100 migrants climbed the fence, but Spanish agents sent them straight back to Morocco.