It is true that life sometimes gets really bad that some folks consider returning to the Lord in heaven or joining the devil in hell. It is no doubt that even suicide has become the most frequently considered ultimate solution by sufferers of hardship. Statistics show that cases of suicide have been on the increase recently, especially with the current state of the Nigerian economy.
That is quite understandable with the poor and lowly, being that they can barely live the life expedient of normal humans to live. That notwithstanding, no hardship or hard time is good enough reason for suicide. But then, what can be said about a rich guy who has everything the world has to offer, yet still drops a seeming death wish like a koboless father of triplets? Well, not exactly the same wish, though.
Unlike a normal man who would just hang himself to a ceiling fan with a rope, and perhaps a suicide note, Davido made to video himself live in a Gucci store, lavishing money on vanity, as he simply said; "when I die, bury me in a Gucci store." Fans say the late DaGrin pulled such stunt shortly before he kicked the bucket. Now, they can't help but wonder if Davido is about to die. The confusing part is that he wishes to be buried in a Gucci store

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