Alikiba Atoa Tamko, Awataka Mashabiki Waache Kumtukana Wizkid Aseme yeye ni Shabiki wa Wizkid

Hatamae Alikiba ametoa tamko rasmi kuwataka mashabiki wake kuacha kumtukana Wizkid kwenye mitandao , hii imetokana na alikiba kupewa tuzo ya MTV Ema aliyokuwa amepewa mwanzo Wizkid
Mashabiki hao walivamia ukurasa wa Wizkid na kuporumosha matusi mazito.

Ameandika Haya:

I am not happy with what has been going on, on social media . I have a great appreciation for @wizkidayo as a fellow artist and as a fan . I am very disappointed and saddened by the insults and attacks directed at him, and I want to be very clear that I condemn this behaviour and I believe none of my true fans are part of this irrational silliness and stupidity as they know I have always had love for @wizkidayo
Drown out the noise from the haters bro, congratulations on your very successful year. Much love from my real fans and from Tanzania 🇹🇿 Pamoja #KingKiba

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