You read To You never PHD Working You Have Problems - Mwijage

Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Charles Mwijage yesterday afternoon who has spent years studying to be scholars reach PHD level without going through any work skills.

Ameyasema it this Monday in the period 360 kinachorushwa Clouds and Clouds TV claiming that many young people like the knowledge he yooita 'mseleleko' referring to a knowledge directly without trying to work through any or no experience of work.

"One problem that we have, we'd education mseleleko," he said. "I do not want to talk about education, but I want to say we like education mseleleko, ie 6 years begins today begins the first class, you go straight until you finish PHD, have not worked. I have not read mseleleko educational and other people's why I like this ntalisema other litawaudhi their counsel, "he stressed.

"Some people like to know I am in school much, basically I have knowledge of the class is small, I have is knowledge of local've done a lot, mi I fished, I have worked garages, you ask, can I ask you said this Mwijage you know. I was even MC Dj I had, I worked a lot on the field, I publicize me, so I have no books in class, "he explained.

"But this knowledge this mseleleko you have never done any work you have you ever manage to engineer a single building has problems. So young you get stuck you can find ways to start. Mi I know people who go to study due to the income they vyojitafutia, mi I know people who make labor pay my school fees. "

"Now someone is reading from first class until PHD directly without doing any work, even the young people of Europe why they work they pay for school fees, so we have problems because they are poor because we love to love these mseleleko. He started his fellow man before him who were reading them feels wrong. Mi why there are we finished them form Six went to university and I went I was doing other things!

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