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Minister Makamba not shocked by the loss of water in the Lake Rukwa .... Provides instruction for directors

Minister of State in the Office of the Vice President (Union Environment) Mhe.January Makamba has continued with a tour of duty in Rukwa Region. During his visit Minister Makamba has witnessed uharibifumkubwa environment, particularly the shores of Lake Rukwa.

Makamba Minister has told residents of the Village of Nankanga that in 2000 the water level in Lake Rukwa was a six meters, and by 2016 this source has declined up to three meters.

"Studies indicate that the decline in detail, among other things stimulated by cultivation of the mountains and along the lake, and the shajiwa breeds in water sources," Makamba noted.

During his visit after witnessing such great damage, Makamba Minister has determined to proclaim the Lake Rukwa as location specific to the environment and the principles of the use of these areas will be developed ilikunusuru Lake Rukwa.

Also, all of the directors of the Rukwa Regional Councils have been ordered to allocate the money derived from the various charges in order to cover the replacement of special symbols 'beacons' to identify the location and import kuwazoezi Reserve this should be done quickly.

In addition, Hon. Makamba has insisted on reforestation and has expressed his regret for Rukwa Region have a shortage of natural wood and the rising dramatically. "I have walked more than 200 kilometers've seen trees planted," Makamba added.

Residents of Rukwa Region have been informed and emphasized that from next year it will be mandatory for students of primary and secondary reporting trees and asked to keep it until they finish school. Makamba Minister has promised to bring experts and provide a list of plants thriving in every kijiiji to simplify the planting of trees.

In other action, Makamba Minister has met with various religious leaders and elders of the Rukwa region and urging create Peace Committee, promising to finance the first meeting for the creation of the council's environmental agenda nakusisitiza exist.

Rukwa region Makamba Minister has visited the landing site of the Lake Rukwa and talk to the citizens of these areas and meeting Presence in

By Lulu Mussa, Sumbawanga


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