What is sex? Ask this question to any answers will give you infinite. Love is a broader concept that everyone have a different point of view to express.

Will set times is something incomprehensible, something bottomless. And since your partner contributes mightily to sustain a relationship filled Faana long, happy, and even lead to a better life, have come to surveys we zilokusanya give psychological factors that contribute to both partners love one another.

Ok, before listing the entire list would be knowing that your hormones, interests, and even the shape of your parent contributes significantly to elect one who will be your partner?

Zama me ...

Reasons why people fall in love

1. If you like the very
Studies show that the concept of being "different people are attracted to each other" has no basis. Instead those people who distribute the broader factors, such as personality, do not feel the same convenience in their daily lives. This study may certified by Gian Gonzaga, head writer at eHarmony. This study is uncertain as in the normal life of sex, if they distributed nature lovers, one of their romantic lives is long and Faana.

2. If you like as its parent
According to psychologists son David Perrett from the University of St. Andrews has found that people are attracted to the same sex, the other that they have hair and eye color which is proportional to its parent of the opposite sex. Also in his research has found that "women who were born to parents who are 30+ are not very impressed by the young men, but the older ones, unlike women who are born to young parents." In men, Perrett admitted that choosing a partner for the pin-up man largely be traced back to its old parent of what. [Read Method as 'classic' seduce women]

3. If you smell accordingly
In love, the University of California conducted a study kikagundua of a woman who has entered his days of maternity (ovulating) tend to like and very impressed with the smell of tsheti worn by a man who has a high level of the hormone testosterone. These women also admitted they love men who have long jaws.

4. If you leave your hands and your chest open
Keep your hands inside the pockets and put your shoulders into you gave signs of being a ski speak. But if you are talking with your hands is delivered to a vertical position ahead shows that you're ready for anything.

5. If you looked at each other in the eyes for two minutes
When Joan Kellerman psychologist at the University of Massachusetts had instructed students to 72 pairs facing each other for two consecutive minutes, they report increased feelings of love and affection for the other person. This is not evidence sufficient to show that long-term experience in relevant kukakuunganisha eyes and someone may even contribute to feelings of love. [Read: Use eye seduce]

6. If you own a dog
In experiments at the University of Michigan, women love reading habits of men. If there is a story that involves a man who owns a dog, women are given the maximum term relationship interesting. This is because researchers discovered that the animal home ownership may be a sign of someone who is critically and who have a love kujitweka feature roles in relationships.

7. If you're playing music
Researchers in France have found that the actualization of music related to the choice of sex. In the experiment, a man carrying a guitar or a bag of game 300 women asked their telephone numbers. Man carrying a guitar he could be given a lot more numbers than endured a bag of game.

8. If you dressed in red
In a survey conducted Slovakia, women who were dressed in scarlet were the most successful in the game of sex. This contributed significantly to the sign that scarlet women use it as a way to attract capable men. [Read: Contact your visibility kujeuza attract women]

Certain 9. If you have hair on your face
In the survey will conducted in Australia found that women are more attracted to men who have beards average in their face. They found that the bearded man who was either shave their entire face not unattractive. The researchers also discovered that a man with more hair, appears to be male than female.

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