Chairman of the Association of Men (CUF), Prof Ibrahim Lipumba, has urged the leaders of the Party for Democracy and Development (Chadema) non-interference current crisis within the party because it does not apply.

The statement gave yesterday in Dar es Salaam when speaking with members of the party in the local session, held Kinondoni where said Chadema failure to execute Operation wallpaper is definitely the party failed to implement what they promised Tanzanians.

He said until now has grown to multiple sessions undertaken by Chadema leaders for disrupting CUF, which he said is liwekezani.

"Chadema struggling distracting us by sending this party rebels, but allow me to tell you they can not, CUF is tough and even the government knows what they are doing is a waste of time.

"Creating a Wall of cookies, you pour the juice mong'onyoka, wallpaper does the same, this is the ardent music CUF did not," said Lipumba.

He said during this period that they have a case in court, members of the party will continue with the activities of building a party with an urge to have standing to defend the party and its constitution, which can help them achieve the goals they intend to keep the dollar Across Election 2020.

He said given the situation, the party's resources are managed carefully under the guard of the party, Blue Guard that the party's secretary general, Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad said it will not recognize invaders.

"Ninamshangaa Maalim Seif now emerges stating adept guard members Blue Guard who all ages grew guarding and resources of the party, but it is over I kept asking him to come and build the party even if the case goes to court," he said.

In turn, Director of Information and Communication who support Professor Lipumba, Abdallah said rope from losing positions of mayor and deputy in Kinondoni Municipality is a result of the crisis and the lack of cooperation CUF inside was restored.

"Maalim Seif backs was restored, why was restored members failed to help us to get the mayor and his deputy on election day? (Yesterday), "he questioned.

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