The government is in the middle of shackling students who received loans in the priority fields, to serve in the public service in the country for some time to ensure the government's commitment fulfilled.

These bearings are medical and health sciences, the teaching of science and mathematics, engineering industry, agriculture, livestock, oil, natural gas, natural sciences, climate, earth sciences, architecture and infrastructure.

The government takes such a decision, after noting the presence pupils studying these professions in order to get credit, but at the end they resort to other jobs or abroad and thus continuing shortages of specialists who intends to stay.

Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training, Stella Manyanya made these remarks recently, he spoke about the provision of loans to students of higher education. He explained that the government thinks there should be a mechanism for beneficiaries and credit priority to enter an agreement with the government.

He said the issue will not be new because in the past they were hard pressed that they must work for at least five years in government and then are permitted to go anywhere, but for now they can not shackling all, but you must make it a priority to them.

Moreover Manyanya spoke repayment loans and demanding that they improve law to collect debts in partnership with employers.

"The government will collect debts even to borrowers who are self-employed because they graduated many would not think to pay," he said. "Now they must pay, borrowers should be aware of these funds are loans and must pay."

He pointed to the borrowers who are employed, the ministry seeks to be the first loan before cutting to avoid overlap with other work rules, a borrower seeking to release some money in his salary.

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